Thermal Spa Tasnad



Tășnad (Hungarian: Tasnád, German: Trestenburg) is a town in Transylvania, north-western Romania.

GPS coordinates: 47°28'38''N 22°35'2''E

Tasnad is a thermal spa resort located in a hilly area with beach. The resort hosts many mineral springs with thermal (72°C), sulphuric, calcic, sodic, rich in bicarbonate waters. The soothing effect of the waters on articular and muscular pain and on various rheumatic neuralgias accounts for the fame of cures in the resort for the treatment of inflammatory rheumatic diseases (rheumatic polyarthritis, rheumatoid spondylitis, conditions after acute articular rheumatism), degenerative and articular rheumatic diseases, central and peripheral neurological disorders, gynecological diseases, post-traumatic conditions, endocrine disorders.
The chemical composition of the thermal water according to the analysis bulletin:
Composition Units (mg/l) Cations Units (mg/l)
Chlorides 5815.4 Natrium 4040
Bromides 1.5 Potassium 20.0
Iodides 1.2 Lithium 0.0
Nitrates 0.0 Ammonium 25.0
Sulphates 46.1 Calcium 65.7
Sulphides 0.0 Magnesium 39.9
Phosphates 0.0 Iron 1.5
Bicarbonates 1171.4
Arsenates 0.0




Primăria Tășnad

Microregiunea Tășnad

Jandarmeria Tășnad

Catedrala Sfânta Maria Tășnad

Motel Stil

Motel Marissa

Hotel Alystra

Motel Biamin



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